No Room for Excuses

No Room for Excuses

Since achieving your dreams and goals depends on taking action, there is no room for making excuses.

‘No Excuse’ , this slogan is for the people who want to move on and want to succeed in life. Benjamin Franklin once said, ” He who is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else.”  How to eliminate excuses? Listen carefully the first step towards  becoming good at anything is to realize you may own a storehouse of self imposed and self created burdens. These burdens are called excuses. When you take a productive decision committing to yourself ” No Excuses ! I am doing it” , then you are taking the spirit of self responsibility. Merely developing the spirit of No Excuses, your life can help motivating you towards living the life with a goal and courage to achieve it. Strive for the excitement and joy which self responsibility brings when you accomplish a goal. 

You are determined to leave the comfort zone or want to continue with self styled excuses; choice is yours. It’s a wonderful feeling when you understand and accept that outcomes depend on actions. Even if you choose to stay in the shadows of excuses and you accept responsibility for it, you have reached a level of awareness that generally people will never come to know. Opportunities for courage are everywhere and your brave moments will accumulate as you practice No Excuses. You will become aware of your own excuse making habit. You will start peeking out of the blindfold that you have made for yourself. You will definitely say, ” Oh my God! I did it again”. Every time you say that to yourself, it’s self responsibility. 

Do you know that excuses can have roots in reality. Sometimes excuses may have a reason. For example , at one point it was true that you could not ride the bicycle because you were too young and small. It could have been turned into excuse on growing up. When old reality turns into a permanent excuse, trouble sets in. For example, I will never be big enough. I will never be able to ride a motorcycle. Whenever you find yourself looking for an excuse, you will need to change your thinking.  How you live your life is largely determined by how much you are willing to accept responsibility for shaping it.  You are the hero in your own life. Although your decision making process can be either influenced by others or by the environment, it is ultimately your decision to act wisely or not. The actions you take largely determine how you live your life and whether or not you make your dreams come true. 

Now we are coming to the key point, how to keep excuses in check.

We all live largely by behavior patterns, habits and logic’s. No doubt, they are necessary and serve us well at many times. However, in certain circumstances our logic’s can falter. We fall back on excuses to justify our inaction’s. Most of us are immobilized by the habits of blaming and excuse making.

Keep these things in mind : 

  1. Relinquishing excuses requires effort.
  2. We all face problems that have a certain degree of sameness.
  3. We all need reasons to live, people to socialize and work to do.
  4. We all have sorrow and disappointment to bear.
  5. We are better off when we are on the path of self responsibility that comes on giving up excuses. 

No Excuse’ living will enrich your life and the lives of those around you. It will give you the elements to create the success you want for yourself.

Always remember : your life is what you make it. Excuses are tools of incompetence used to build bridges to nowhere.
Now take this oath : I will make no further excuses.

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